Housed in an iconic mansion originally built in the XVII century, Hotel Sin Nombre invites you into an experience out of time - a sensual merging of traditional and modern architecture, where pre-hispanic and arabic design elements artfully commingle with traditional Oaxacan texture.  Just steps away from the vibrant bustle of historic downtown Oaxaca, our sunlit central courtyard, lined with bright foliage, invites visitors into a tranquil respite - an oasis of calm.

The careful restoration of this iconic structure was the dedicated and meticulous work of local architect João Boto Caeiro, rooted in principles of sustainability and the conservation of traditional skills. The vaulted ceilings, central staircase and arched doorways are all expressions of both old-world and vernacular techniques upheld by master craftsmen of Oaxaca.

An overall minimalist aesthetic is offset by a playful modernity with artwork placed throughout the hotel, showcasing both local and international talent. Amongst those on permanent display are world renowned Oaxacan photographer Alberto Ibañez, Canadian painter & sculptor Carlito Dalceggio, Oaxacan multimedia plastic artist Dr. Lakra and Portuguese sculptor Fulvio Capurso.

 May Hotel Sin Nombre also be your canvas.